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Medicines - Calverton requires parents to provide proof of a child's medical condition along with any necessary medication. This helps ensure that the school has the necessary information and resources to provide appropriate care for the child.

Additionally, we use Medical Tracker to track medication administration and expiration dates to ensure the safety and well-being of the pupils. Notifications about medication administration and expiration can help parents stay informed and proactive about their child's health needs while at school.

If you have any specific questions or concerns about medication administration or policies at your child's school, it's a good idea to reach out to the SENDCO for clarification and guidance.

Intmate Care - As part of the admission process, parents will be provided with the opportunity to review and fill out an intimate care form. Granting consent to this form will enable staff to assist your child in changing themselves in the event of an accident.


At Calverton, we try very hard to keep parents regularly informed about first aid incidents and medication administration at school. Sending paper notifications home can be rather ‘hit and miss’ with notifications often going astray along the way.

We are also increasingly aware of the substantial cost, time and environmental impact associated with the amount of paper and photocopying involved with this.

To help make improvements in these areas we have decided to use a service called Medical Tracker.  Medical Tracker not only allows us to inform parents/ carers of first aid incidents and medication administration by email but it also allows us to analyse the data we record.

Medical Tracker will be beneficial to you because:

  • We can record and track first aid incidents that involve your child
  • We can record and track medication administration that involves your child
  • You can be notified immediately after a first aid incident by email
  • You can be notified immediately after medication has been administered by email

To use Medical Tracker effectively we need to collect the best email address to use to notify you of incidents. 

Important – When we start using Medical Tracker, email messages will be sent from donotreply@medicaltracker.co.uk.  Please add this address to your email address books (or approved sender list) to prevent messages from being blocked by your SPAM/JUNK filters.