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  • Senior Leadership Team
    Name Role Responsibility
    Darren Williams CPD Federation - Executive Headteacher  
    Lando Duplooy Headteacher  
    Emma Griffin Deputy Headteacher  
    Claire Penrose Senior Assistant Headteacher Responsibility for whole school improvement objectives including data and performance, curriculum, quality of teaching and learning and statutory testing 
    Dominique Ramsay-Gentles Senior Assistant Headteacher
    Natasha Boyce Assistant Headteacher Responsibility for Year 6, Humanities, Equality and Diversity and ECT+1s
    Felicity Coetzee Assistant Headteacher

    Responsibility for PAPE subjects (PE, Music, Art), ECTs and standards and monitoring 

    Michaela Johnson-Walters Assistant Headteacher

    Responsibility for Year 6, Humanities, Equality and Diversity and ECT+1s

    Sharon Lester Assistant Headteacher Responsibility for PAPE subjects (PE, Music, Art), MfL and standards and monitoring 
    Bethan Scholefield Assistant Headteacher EYFS and staff CPD
    Rachel Speed CPD Federation – Head Quality of Education  
    Sarah Hodges Assistant Headteacher Responsibility for SEND
    Dawn Holmes SENDCo  
    Aabida Patel  Assistant Headteacher Responsibility for Data and Assessment 
    Paul Strange  Assistant Headteacher Responsibility for Mathematics 
  • Teaching Staff
    Teacher Class  Year Support Staff 
    Ronel James  PJ



    Melissa Ashby

    Albana Bahcja

    Thanaluxmy Janarthanan (TJ)

    Beata Libront

    Karen Thorp

    Amy Ballard

    Jolly Harerimana

    Kelly Kettle

    Denise Mesmain

    Zoje Pecaku


    Louise Doughtery ND Nursery 

    Vicky Devlin 

    Angela Powell   Recepetion 

    Olena Yavna

    Imrana Begum RB Reception

    Jaycee Wooster

    Donna Pace
    Sarah Barlow  1B 1

    Steven St Omer

    Jhaheda Khanom

    Laura Gongapsevaite
    Leena Prabhakumar 1/2P 1/2

    Emma Hegarty

    Matila Agaci

    Jahada Khanom

    Edel Walsh
    Sarah Linford 2L 2

    Lyn Mullen

    Sylvia Mintah S2/3M 2/3

    Dawn Kenworthy

    Jodie Ankers

    Nadia Begum 3B 3  
    Rumena Akhtar 4A 4  
    Rashida Sufi  4S 4

    Steph Nichols

    Jodie Hicks 

    Selina Karakas  5K 5

    Jo Neate

    Jane Calder 

    Liam O'Hanrahan

    Emma Griffin

    5M 5

    Jonny De Sousa

    Maria Hampton
    Michael Abiola 6A 6 Louise O'Shea
    Dan Slee 6S  
  • Pupil Wellbeing Team
    Intervention/Cover Role
    Liam O'Hanrahan Intervention Teacher 
    Nabila Hamid  Year 6 Set Teacher 
    Doriane Herrero  Year 6 Set Teacher/PPA cover 
    Rob Cooper  Sports Coach 
    Collette Bruford HLTA 
    Lorraine Nelson  HLTA
  • Admin & Facilities Team
    Name Role
    Janice Maquire Admin Officer
    Tracey Bartley  Admin Assistant
    Rebecca Brown  Admin Assistant
    Belicha Kambulu Admin Assistant
    Liz Steff Resources Assistant 
    Naphtali Parvaiz  Web Support 
    Michael Mellid  Site Supervisor 
    Danny Graves CPD Federation - Facilities Manager 
  • Pupil Wellbeing Team
    Name Role
    Nina Gill Pastoral Support Manager/Designated Safegaurding Lead 
    Keely Gilbey Learning Mentor
    Casey Reed ESLA - Emotional Literacy Support Assistant 
  • Midday Supervisors
    Charlie Ackers
    Amy Allen 
    Samantha Baxter
    Nipa Khanum
    Blerina Malia 
    Louise Marshall 
    Jenny Robson
    Aysha Begum
    Tabinda Bibi 
    Charly Corcoran 
    Michaela Hatfull
    Peter Rouse
    Joann Wooster 
    Veronique Mena


  • Maternity Leave
    Aniqa Miah