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At Calverton Primary School, our mathematics teaching is centered on nurturing each pupil's growth within their unique abilities. Our goal extends beyond equipping them with essential mathematical skills for their future; we also strive to instill an enduring enthusiasm and fascination for mathematics itself. Our mission is to cultivate a deep appreciation for mathematics among all our students. We aspire to create an environment where every child not only enjoys mathematics but also experiences success in the subject.

We are dedicated to enhancing pupil confidence in mathematics to empower them to articulate their thoughts and ideas using the language of mathematics with confidence.

Our commitment also lies in the improvement of academic standards among the pupils at Calverton Primary School.

All pupils are given opportunities to:

  • Practical work

  • Become fluent in number facts

  • Mathematical discussions

  • Reasoning

  • Use mathematical vocabulary to support explanations

  • Mental strategies

  • Written methods

  • Consolidation of basic skills

We believe that these approaches create a dynamic learning environment where every student can thrive and excel in mathematics.

We encourage children to actively engage in skill development by regularly practicing multiplication tables and other fundamental concepts at home, fostering a deeper understanding of mathematics. To support our students in achieving fluency in their times tables, we have subscribed to TTRockstars, an engaging online resource. Children not only access this website during school hours but also have the opportunity to use it from their homes.

Mathematics Policies: 

Our approach to mathematics is thoughtfully designed to ensure progression of skills and knowledge as students move up through the school. The lessons are mapped using our Mathematics Policies (listed below). These policies show the methods teachers use to address Mathematical concepts and skills.