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As CPD Schools Federation expands, the Federation Board recognises the challenges involved in governing over a group of schools and remaining strategic. As a result, CPD Schools Federation has a governance model that includes governance at the local level.

The local tier has delegated functions as described in the Scheme of Delegation. It is intended that the local tier will act as the ‘eyes and ears’ of the Federation Board and advise the Federation Board of the local context and share local decision-making choices. Local Governance Committees have an important role to play in providing insight into the community and the opportunities and challenges that the school faces in its own specific area. 

Calverton has a Local Governance Committee (LGC) that was set up by the Local Authority following a rigorous review led by CPD Schools Federation. The Federation notified the Local Authority of the position of the school shortly after its alliance, and this arrangement was formed to act as an intervention, with the Local Authority working alongside the Federation Board to bring about rapid improvement.

The current members on the Committee are experienced, well-established governors and Local Authority representatives who were expected to offer support and guidance at a time of need. These members include: 

Co-opted Governor:                    Alisia Carnemolla (Vice Chair)

Executive Head Teacher:             Darren Williams                            

Head Teacher:                              Lando Du Plooy     

Head of School:                            Rachel Speed          

Interim Local Governors:             Ellen Kemp

                                                       Andrew West (Chair)

                                                       Ghazala Akram

Interim Local Governors:             Ellen Kemp

Observers:                                      Ian McFee (Interim SEND Service Manager)

                        Shaj Sivadasan (Schools Finance Manager)

                         Emma Nicholls (School Improvement Adviser)

   Patrick Alexander (Head of Education Outcomes and Partnerships)

The expectations for the Local Governance Committee are as follows: 

  • Safeguarding and promoting the values of the Federation 
  • Supporting the Executive Headteacher and Head Teacher and being a critical friend
  • Monitoring the achievement, quality of teaching and behaviour and safety within the School 
  • Engagement with the schools key stakeholders e.g. parents/carers, pupils and staff
  • Advising the school about local issues they need to consider that affect the school 
  • Providing information to the Local Authority about all points raised above