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If your child has to leave during the day to visit the doctor, or dentist etc., you must sign them out at the office, then sign them back in on their return. This is to ensure that in the case of fire, all children are accounted for.

If parents wish to change their arrangement for the collection of children, they must inform the class teacher either in writing or in person. In an emergency we will take telephone messages to change arrangements but it is essential that the person collecting the child is at the classroom door before 3.15pm.

In order for you child to achieve their full potential regular and punctual attendance is necessary. If you child is ill please inform the school office straight away. The school has a policy of telephoning or texting families on the first day of absence to find out why a child is absent. Home visits are conducted when parents cannot be contacted and there are concerns about a child’s welfare.

If persistent absence becomes an issue a referral will be made to Newham’s Attendance Management Service and parents will be invited to a meeting to explore and discuss targets for improvement . If your child’s attendance should fail to improve this may result in court proceedings and a fine.

You can no longer take your child out of school during term time. If your child takes term-time leave you could be fined. Only in some very special cases can the Head Teacher give permission for this kind of absence.

A penalty notice (fine) may be issued if:

Your child’s attendance falls below 90% in a term period without good reason.

You take your child out of school during term time without agreeing the leave with the school

Your child is delayed returning from a period of leave and you have not agreed this with the school

Your child arrives at school after the registers have closed more than 10 times

Your child is excluded from school but is seen in a public place during the first five days of that exclusion.

The fine is £60 per parent, per child if you pay within 21 days of receiving the notice. If you do not pay the fine within 21 days, but pay it within 28 days, the cost will rise to £120. If you do not pay at all, we may take legal action