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English – Strategic leaders Claire Penrose, Middle Leader Sarah Barlow

At Calverton we have reviewed and implemented a new curriculum. Our federation teaches English using phases of learning to support a rich learning journey. The phases include immersion in text and lots of talking! We changed the curriculum in summer 2022 to include whole texts that are engaging and to drive better teaching and learning and we are pleased to launch a full new curriculum as below:

English Overview

English Curriculum overview:

Reading is the foundation of our school curriculum and it provides pupils with an  essential life skill. Early reading is prioritised in EYFS and KS1 and is underpinned by  a coherent and systematic phonics scheme which is taught daily. Through Read Write  Inc. pupils are taught to decode letter-sound correspondence quickly, read common  exception words on sight and understand what they read. Throughout the school,  teaching pupils to become fluent readers who can deeply comprehend what they have  read is a huge priority and is taught through carefully planned guided reading sessions  that focus on extracts of high quality texts from a range of genres. In order to develop  reading for pleasure, pupils have access to a school library and a range of texts in the  classrooms. All classes take part in D.E.A.R at the end of the school day. 

Inspiring writing is modelled through unpicking excellent text choices, which engage  our pupils to become thoughtful, creative and inventive writers. Pupils are taught to  extend their vocabulary through enriched language, drawn out in all texts and areas  of the curriculum. They become confident in writing for a variety of purposes and a  range of contexts and have a clear and respectful understanding of their own authorial  voice and that of others. Pupils learn to persevere in the learning of writing skills  through demonstrating their confidence and knowledge of spelling and grammar in all  writing opportunities. Handwriting and presentation are practised and demonstrated  consistently across the curriculum. Pupils take pride in their work and this is celebrated  throughout the environment and rewarded.

Our planning journey is exemplified below –